I’m often asked why I use the hashtag #notimaginarygrandchild in my sewing posts. 🙂  Many months before my daughter found out she was expecting, she told me that she and my son-in-law were thinking of having a baby. That was all of the encouragement I needed to begin sewing! I had recently discovered small custom knit and fan art sewing groups on Facebook and small pattern shops.  I was in love with the cotton lycra blends and easy to stitch patterns. I immediately began sewing for that grandchild before he/she was even born! When I’d share my creations in the various groups, I’d add that they were for my #futureimaginarygrandchild!

Fast forward months later to right before Easter 2017, and my daughter and her husband came over to give me this little Easter basket.  #futureimaginarygrandchild was now #futureNOTimaginarygrandchild!  This picture shows the stash of baby clothes I had already sewn on the day Hannah told me she was expecting!  Those drawers as well as the bin are full of assorted sizes of baby clothes!

PG1Now that Hannah was expecting, I began sewing in earnest for my #futureNOTimaginarygrandchild! We didn’t know yet if she would have a boy or girl so I just sewed an assortment of little clothes. At least now I had a general idea of size ranges for the seasons!  Finally, she found out that baby to be was a boy! And soon he had a name… Kai Avery.


The day Kai was born, my #futureNOTimaginarygrandchild became simply #NOTimaginarygrandchild. He was a big baby weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces! His mommy changed his clothes at least twice a day to make sure he wore all of his newborn Nana made clothing at least once before he outgrew it! Luckily, I’d sewn items in advance all the way through size 12 months for him!  As he outgrows his clothes, we are putting them away and saving them all (as well as the super girly ones we have already packed away) in case there is a #futuresiblingforkai or #futurecousinforkai. 🙂



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