Doodle Army and Stripes

DoodleArmyBlueStripeKai1This Blue Doodle Army print from Sash Fabrics is one of my all time favorites! It is a 95/5 cotton lycra print that is covered in little stick army figures trying to rescue the princess that the dragon has clasped tightly in his grip! The stripes are also one of my favorites. Rather than having plain alternating identical stripes, these are a thick white with a narrower blue.

For this set I finished the sleeve cuffs with a narrow zig zag stitch which allows for a slight stretch. I do also have a coverstitch machine but I’ve found I prefer a simple zigzag for little baby clothes.


Doodle Army print fabric is from Sash Fabrics:

Blue and White Stripes fabric is from TKBprints:

Shirt pattern is the Mega Max Raglan by Max & Meena:

MEGAMax Raglan (EARS, WINGS, TAILS & MORE!) PDF sewing pattern.

Pants pattern is the Petite Pegs by Patterns for Pirates:



I also made a matching set for Kai’s little friend, but I think hers might be a bit big yet! 🙂


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