The Troublemaker


Meet another member of the Maker family – the Troublemaker!  The Troublemaker (also known as Pascha) is the Son of the Maker’s ( pooch. She’ll claim me in the mornings until he wakes up, though. She’s a German Shepherd and is about 18 months old.  Every morning, the Troublemaker lets me do my morning routine (answer emails and messages, check my shop, etc.). But by midmorning she begins to get antsy and starts bringing me shoes. She’ll begin with my own, but if she runs out of those and I’m still not moving she’s not opposed to bringing any shoes she can find!  One might think she is wanting a walk, perhaps some playtime… no, not the Troublemaker. She wants to head to Starbucks!  The minute I begin putting my shoes on, she takes off to the door and sits within and inch or two of it. (She knows she must sit or I won’t open the door.) Once I open it she runs to my old blue truck for a visit to her happy place!  They have come to know her there and always make a “Puppuccino” for her (just a tiny bit of whipped cream in a tiny cup)!  It’s not a bad way to start the day!


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