Little Farm in the City…



This is Sarah, my youngest daughter. She is a little doted on in our family!  Nobody likes to tell her no… Which is how this happened today…


Sarah is the proud new mama of two one-week old Magpie ducklings!  Sarah’s very involved in 4H and plans to show her ducks at fair. Over the years she has shown Angora goats, Nubian goats, a variety of chickens, rabbits, cavies and now… ducks!  Who thinks I will regret adding ducklings to the family?

For the sane amongst us who do NOT have baby ducks in a tub in their house….

Here’s a free In The Hoop Duck Softie Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop to create your own ducklings:


Both fabrics are from Poppy Kettle Textiles:

Cardigan pattern is the Grandpa Cardi by Patterns for Pirates:



  1. I love reading your stories. And you won’t regret raising ducklings, they are so cute! Even when they get bigger.
    Congratulations on the new mom 😀


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