Cozy BB8 Baby


We didn’t have a post yesterday because Kai had his final check-up with the pediatric dentist for his tie release. He’s had to have releases performed on his lip, tongue as well as two buccal ties. Poor guy! But as of yesterday he is officially DONE! Yippie!  He is still having therapy for the torticollis but it is much improved as well! All things said and done, he is still a very happy baby and none of it seems to cause him too much discomfort.


It’s been a Harem Coverall week at Baby Kai’s house and I will be sharing a different one each day! Today’s features Nana’s favorite color – Orange – and of course we love BB8! I’ve mentioned Kai also has eczema and we love these little rompers as they don’t put pressure on his face (where he seems to have the biggest problem) and exacerbate it. He just slips in right through the neckline – quick and easy!


Harem Coverall Pattern is by Brindille & Twig:

harem coverall : 97

Slouch Beanie pattern is by Heidi & Finn:

Star print fabric is by TKBPrints:

BB8 fabric is by Knitorious Fabric:


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