Bedtime Heroes



This set of strike-offs was an entirely new experience for me. I received the Kids Panty Panel set (18.75″ x 18) and wanted to see if I could make something OTHER than undies with them! Kai is wearing 9-12 months size now and they were the perfect size for these little tshirts!


I was able to get the front as well as the sleeves from one Kid sized panty panel! I used solids for the neckbands and backs of each little tshirt and then made one coordinating pair of pants using all three colors for a mini capsule wardrobe! The Son of the Maker added the heat press vinyl to the green shirt and pant leg.
Panty Panels are not just for undies!


So what did I think about this sized panel?  I really liked that the graphics were not huge and overwhelming for infants!  For a baby wearing larger than 12 months, I ‘d go with the regular size kids panels, but if you like the idea about maximizing your panel size for infant wear the panty panels are a good choice since it allowed me to cut both the front of the shirt AND the sleeves from just one panel! They would also be great for colorblocking and small projects where large graphics won’t work.

You can find the Bedtime Heroes Kids’ Panty Panel set as well as other size panel sets AND coordinating prints currently on preorder at Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics!


Both the Shirt and pant patterns are from Max & Meena. I love this raglan pattern and how versatile it is! It can be made with or without a hood (with many hooded animal add-ons), long sleeves/short sleeves, waistband or hemmed.


Tshirt pattern is the Mega Max Raglan by Max & Meena:

Pants are the Max Joggers by Max & Meena:

Bedtime Heroes Panty Panels are currently on preorder at Snowy Owl Custom Fabrics:

Red Stars on the hat are from TKBPrints:

Bucket Hat Pattern is by Oliver+S:

Heat press vinyl by Son of the Maker:

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