Kid Friendly Sewing Machine

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If your little ones are like mine, when they seeing you sewing they want to give it a try, also!  But when is a good age to begin and what is a good machine to start with?  In my view, the earlier the better!  I think 5 is a good beginning age, although some kiddos are ready even earlier.


Amazon Link:

Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic, Easy-to-Use, 10-Stitch Portable, Compact Sewing Machine with Free Arm only 5 pounds

I love the very basic Janome machines for young kiddos!  These machines are very basic, but have straight and zigzag stitches.  They are slow which makes them less intimidating than most machines and easier to control. They also have a presser foot that makes it very hard to sew over fingers, making it safe for even young sewists! I’m told a lot of quilters even like this machine for travel classes as it is so light weight and easy to pack and inexpensive as well.

AND it comes in a variety of fun color choices!

I’ve taught several kiddos to sew using this basic machine. I like to begin them easy by drawing lines on a piece of paper for them to trace with the sewing machine. This helps them learn to guide the fabric (paper) and cut the thread at the end without unthreading the needle,

Pillowcases, pillow, sleep pants and simple stuffies are all great beginner’s projects! But there’s also a lot to be said for just letting a little one loose with a big bin of scraps to “create” on their own.  In these pics, Maelynn is sewing together scraps to make a blanket for her new kitten – crazy quilt style. She did a great job and was very pleased that she did it by herself!

Amazon link:

Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic, Easy-to-Use, 10-Stitch Portable, Compact Sewing Machine with Free Arm only 5 pounds


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