Retro Rollerskate Sarah


When Total Eclipse of the Stitch sent me the white giant rainbow polka dots for Kai, they also included some black background dots for Sarah as well.


( Sarah is all about the retro vibe and all about the roller skates! For a while she even wanted to work at Sonic!


I paired the dots with a bright yellow solid cotton lycra for Sarah’s outfit, and Son of the Maker cut the heat press vinyl roller skate and added it for me when I was finished.

 The shorts pattern was a new one for me and we loved it! Sarah particularly loved the side pockets for her cell phone. Have to keep that music close!



I placed the giant roller skate on the corner of the shirt just like Kai’s but we used black glitter vinyl for hers.


Sadly, it is a cold wet day here in Sunny Colorado, but when the weather warms up again, she’ll be ready.


Total Eclipse of the Stitch currently has these fun rainbow dots available with both a white or black background and matching stripes as well!



Giant rainbow polka dot fabric is currently on preorder at Total Eclipse of the Stitch:

Yellow solid is from TKBPrints:

Top pattern is the Stardust tank top by Halla Patterns (free with coupon in their Facebook group):

Shorts are the Portlander pants by New Horizons:

 Heat press vinyl design is by Son of the Maker:


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