In The Hoop Snap Trays


I love making things totally in the hoop on the embroidery machine.  These little snap trays are particularly fun to make. They are made entirely in one hooping and require no additional hand stitching or stitching on the regular machine. Simply stitch them out, trim around the perimeter and add your snaps!


I prefer to use Kam Snaps #20.  I use the regular sized snaps, but I generally do not snap and unsnap mine a lot and I use felt on the back. If you plan to unsnap yours frequently or are using a thicker vinyl or vinyl on both sides, you may want to consider long prong snaps.


These little trays are great for a lot of purposes. They are wonderful for traveling to keep your keys, loose change, room keys, etc. together in your hotel room. They make great party favors! They are handy for holding post it notes, candy, change, office supplies, hair accessories or make-up.  I have even used them as tiny little Easter baskets.


You’ll find a variety of snap trays in my Etsy shop.  There are two different styles. The first is designed for vinyl and is made completely in the hoop. The second is designed for fabric and requires turning and one small seam to be sewn closed upon completion. There are dozens of tray designs to choose from!


Below are a couple of freebie tray designs for you to try out.


Narwhal Snap Tray Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop

Includes pes, jef, exp, vip and hus formats.




Whale Snap Tray Embroidery Machine Designs for the 5×7 and 6×10 hoop

Includes pes, jef, exp, vip and hus formats



I’m also often asked where to purchase the faux leather/marine vinyl from. You can purchase it at fabric stores in the upholstery section but you want to look for the very thinnest vinyls they have. The thick ones often won’t do well on embroidery machines. I have purchased the majority of my marine vinyl from  I particularly love their Mirror Glitter Canvas (glitter vinyl) and their marine vinyl.  These are thinner than you will find in most fabric stores and so they work well on most embroidery machines, even when using two layers.  The mirror glitter canvas has a smooth, clear topping so there is no loose glitter.

Also, a tip for embroidery machines that don’t like to stitch through two layers of vinyl (and even some expensive machines will balk at this)… you can use felt for the backing of a lot of projects in lieu of a second piece of vinyl. This is much easier for the machine to stitch through and a lot of machines that don’t like two layers of vinyl will stitch very easily through one layer of vinyl and one layer of felt.

Mirror Glitter Canvas/Marine vinyl source:



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