Zoo Scavenger Hunt Cards TWO Embroidery Designs

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4×4 Scavenger Hunt Cards are an easy on the go activity for your little one.  This set was designed for little ones at the zoo! Each card has a different animal to find.  Your little one can easily flip through the cards and try to find each pictured animal.

Six animals that can be found at the zoo are included in the Zoo Scavenger Hunt TWO Cards Set.   The name of each animal is stitched plainly at the bottom of each card to help with reading skills, also!

The Zoo Scavenger Hunt TWO Cards are each made entirely in one 4×4 hooping with no hand sewing required!

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The Zoo Scavenger Hunt TWO Card Set includes:

4×4 Polar Bear Card

4×4 Flamingo Card

4×4 Seal Card

4×4 Giraffe Card

4×4 Snake Card

4×4 Kangaroo Card

Scavenger Hunt Cards Zoo TWO Set for the 4×4 hoop Embroidery Machine Designs

Be sure to download BOTH files. One is the instruction file and the other is the embroidery machine designs file:


Fabric ZOO ScavengerHunt Cards TWO


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