Backyard Foxes


One of my favorite parts of living in Colorado is the abundance of wildlife. I live in a town with a population of about 90,000 yet we still see a variety of wildlife even in town.


We have lots of squirrels and prairie dogs, of course, along with the not so welcome mice and voles.  One night we had four raccoons hanging out on our back fence (much to our dogs’ dismay!).


We see the occasional coyote and many bald eagles.

There’s even been a few sightings of bears and mountain lions in town, although they are very rare and I’ve never seen either here in town personally.


Of all the wildlife, though, my favotite has to be our backyard foxes. Now, technically, they live on the other side of our fence in a huge open field, so technically they’re not backyard foxes… field foxes?


But all of these pictures were taken from my bedroom window.


Both the mother and the father were hanging out for awhile, but they were laying in the grasses and I was not able to get a good picture of the two together.


After the father took off for awhile, though, I was able to get some better pictures of the mom as she was hunting.


They spent a lot of time in front of last year’s den before the father headed out for awhile. I am guessing there are kits inside this year as well. Hopefully they will show their faces soon!



  1. What amazing pictures! They sure brought a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for all of the freebies

  2. Love these pictures! So much fun the foxes are having. You are blessed to have seen them in person!

  3. Oh, Yay! I can’t wait to see them when I get home from CA! I’ve been looking for them every day for a month, and they finally decide to make their debut while I’m gone. Last year there were two kits to watch grow up. Can’t wait to see this year’s new babies.

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