Mama Fox made her appearance again this afternoon, and this time she had her two kits out with her! I was so surprised at how large they are already! Last year’s kits were much smaller the first time we first saw them (but also there were four in that litter so maybe they were smaller as well as younger).


It’s hard to tell in the pictures as they are taken through a second story window with glass, but the mama is a good bit larger than the two kits. She also is a lighter shade of red.  I believe these are Red Foxes as they have  white tipped tails while Swift Foxes have black tipped tails. And that is pretty much my entire knowledge of foxes!


The Mama Fox took a nice long nap while the two little ones roughhoused. The grass in this field is very tall and they would often disappear in it for minutes at a time.



They would occasionally stop playing if they heard a dog barking in the distance but it didn’t disturb them for long.


It’s so nice to be able to watch them every afternoon. I hope they stick around for a while yet.




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