Double Trouble?

Wow! Was I in for a surprise today!  I went to take a look out the window around 4:00 and saw the two kits playing close to their den. I watched for a little bit and took a few pictures. They were not out long, though before disappearing back into the den.

So I checked back a few hours later and again, they were hanging out by their den. While I was watching them and trying to take some low light pictures with very little success, something caught my eye at the opposite side of the field. Another kit. And then another. I watched the two playing together and disappearing in and out of their den. Back and forth I’d watch the second litter and the first litter.  When surprisingly, a THIRD kit appeared with the two new ones!  It was about 8:00 at night (later than I usually watch them) so the pictures are not very good, and it’s really out of the range of my lens, but you can see that yes, there are three kits across the field!


I was really surprised to see a second litter so close to the first one.  We’ve never had two litters in this field. It was so fun to watch them back and forth!


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  1. They’re so beautiful…just stunning! And with two families of foxes living close by, you shouldn’t be bothered by mice!

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