Photo Props In The Hoop Part Three


Photo props are so easy to make in the hoop on your embroidery machine!

They can be made from inexpensive felt (no fraying) and you can even add a layer of stiff interfacing if desired for extra stability.

Add a dowel (or pencil!) for holding and you’re ready for fun pictures!

You can even purchase a variety of fun patterned felt at the craft store these days.

The felt is much more durable than paper photo props and will last through several parties/events.

Hint: Fleece will also work with these. You want to use a fabric that has some body to it and doesn’t fray.


Beard Mask Photo Prop for the 5×7 hoop



Lips Photo Prop for the 5×7 hoop


1 Comment

  1. thank you for your generosity. I’m sure my Grandson will love playing with these when he gets older. (4mths) along with his big half brother.


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