One Yard Challenge – Warm Dig Site Dinos!


Recently, I have sewn rapports for several small fabric companies. A rapport consists of one or two panels along with one or two coordinates, all in one yard of fabric.  These are an awesome way to stretch your fabric budget!  When Flying Pig Fabrics sent me this one yard rapport of Warm Dig Site, currently on preorder in their facebook group, I decided to challenge myself to see how far I could stretch this one yard of fabric! In the end, I did use a scrap of orange to line the bodice of the romper and a purchased white onesie from Target, which Son of the Maker embellished with heat press vinyl for me. (Dino Skull cut file can be downloaded on this page.)


The shorts are both the Snazzy Pants/shorts from Max & Meena. The purple stripes on the pair on the left were from the panel scraps.  The waistband from the pair on the right were also from the panel scraps. The back panels on each pair are the same as the front panels

The shirt on the left is the Treasure Pocket Tee by Duck Butt Designs. I made the color blocked front but skipped the pocket.  The back of the shirt on the left is the dino stripe print.

The back of the romper is the orange Atrain print.  I slightly modified the Jumpy romper pattern by Puperita by shortening it, adding leg bands (cut from the panel scraps) and lining only the bodice rather than the entire jumper so it would be a little cooler for our current hot weather!

The shirt on the right is a purchased onesie from Target.  When I made the Cool Dig Site shorts set, at first I had Noah cut the Dino skull from a dark purple vinyl. But the Cool Dig Site fabric was just too busy for the purple and you couldn’t really see it. So he redid it in the white. But that left me with the already cut out Purple skull… which of course I couldn’t waste! I already have two different tentative plans for the Warm Dig Site fabric, but wondered if I could squeeeeeeeze out a little pair of Snazzy shorts as well. And I could! I was even able to fussy cut them so they lined up right.

And that is my One Yard Challenge!



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