Tools of the Trade – Snaps!

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Kam Snaps Set

A couple of years ago, I discovered one of my very favorite sewing tools – Kam Snaps!  These plastic snaps are so easy to use and inexpensive! They are much quicker than buttons and so useful for embroidery machine projects. I have even purchased flower, heart and butterfly snaps!

Butterfly, Heart, Star, Flower Snaps

To use these snaps, you will need both the snaps and the hand held pliers.


When I first purchased my Snaps plier set, I was looking for something for keychains, snap trays, bibs, etc. I ordered a basic set that included the Kam Snap pliers and an assortment of colors in size #20 snaps. These worked out perfectly for all of my embroidery needs!

Kam Snaps Set

Then I discovered the world of Custom Knit fabrics!  I found that Kam snaps are very useful when sewing baby/children’s clothes!  A lot of pattern companies will recommend the size #16 snaps for baby clothes (they have a lighter grip) but I already had a large assortment of colors of #20s and did not want to purchase an entirely different assortment in another size.  I found as long as I stabilizer my knit fabrics well (I stabilize inside BOTH sides of a strap with an iron on stabilizer before assembling my rompers for example) the size 20s work out great!


Since discovering the wonder of Kam Snaps (and I do like this specific brand), I’ve rarely used buttons or zippers.


  Snap Variety Pack (no pliers)

 Starter Pack with 500 snaps

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