The TroubleMaker Goes for a Swim


Noah took The TroubleMaker to the park today and sent me a picture in a text of her playing in the water. She looks so big in the pic that I went back and looked at some of her puppy pictures!


We added Pascha (aka Pookie Poo, aka The TroubleMaker) to our family about a year and a half ago. She will be two years old at the end of August – her birthday and Noah’s birthday are in the same week!


The TroubleMaker has been just the best puppy/dog! She was so easy to housetrain and amazingly not destructive given her size and age.


She’s incredible smart and already has quite the vocabulary.


When she wants to go somewhere, she brings me shoes (usually mine, but occasionally Noah or Sarah’s) as she knows I’m the one with the car keys! When we get in line at Starbucks, she starts drooling, because she knows there is a Pupocinno in store for her! (We always have to request a napkin, also!)

She loves to go anywhere in the truck. One tiny gesture of my head toward the door and I don’t have to say a word… she comes running!


She loves good books, Christmas and the water!


And really, she is very little trouble at all.



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