18″ Doll Marketstand Add On – Pet Palace

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PVC Cutter Tool

PVC/Embroidery sets include patterns/plans for pvc pipe projects with light sewing and/or embroidery designs included for each!   The only tool you will need other than sewing/embroidery supplies is an inexpensive pvc pipe cutter ($10-15). If you prefer, you can have your pipe cut at the hardware store to the necessary size pieces. PVC Pipe Cutters are as simple as using a pair of scissors. My kids enjoyed cutting and assembling their “masterpieces” with pvc pipe as young as 9 or 10 years old! They are very simple to use!

For more Embroidery Machine Designs, please visit my Etsy shop.


I have 1400-1500 In The Hoop embroidery machine design projects available for purchase!



This Add On Pack turns your 18″ Doll Market Stand into a Pet Shop!  All items are made in the 5×7 hoop on your embroidery machine!  This pack includes a sign, pets and pet food.



Quick and easy to stitch for many hours of playtime fun!

To download the Free Pet Shop Embroidery Machine Design Add On Pack, click on the link below:


To download the plans to build the PVC Stand, visit here:


PVC Cutter Tool


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