Time Adventures and Big Noggins!


I adore my grandson, and love sewing for him!  But… the boy has a big noggin. He comes by it honestly. Both sides of his family also sport rather large noggins themselves!


Luckily, Nana knows how to sew and can overcome this wardrobe challenge!


When I received these Adventure Strike Offs from Poppy Kettle Fabrics, I decided to use them to address the Big Noggin Challenge! They were so darned cute that I wanted to make sure to sew something he’d be able to wear for awhile! Poppy Kettle Fabrics currently has an entire round of cartoon inspired fabrics on preorder!


I’ve sewn a lot of hoodies and shirts for Kai but inevitably, they’re challenging to dress him in other than envelope tee styles. I do like the envelope tee’s but I wanted something with a little more variety.


As I was glancing through patterns, I stumbled across the Harem Coverall by Brindille & Twig which I already owned. It has a VERY stretchy neckline as it is made to be worn by stepping into it feet first, rather than over the head. Therefore it has enough stretch to go over the shoulders.


I decided to try hacking the romper into a tee.  It was such an easy hack. All I did was decide on a length and cut the bottom off (allowing for a 1″ hem) straight across. I kept the neck and arm bands the same. I sewed up both tee’s and drove to my daughter’s hoping they would fit Kai… and they did! They were a perfect fit and so easy to put on over his head! There will be many, many more of these this summer!


The pattern also has short and long sleeve options and I plan to hack those into tees as well!  Gotta love a pattern that is so versatile!


The shorts are the Foldover Pocket Pants (single waistband, no pockets) from Brindille & Twig, also!

Preorder the Adventures fabric from Poppy Kettle Textiles.

Visit Poppy Kettle Textile’s facebook group.




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