Tools of the Trade – Black Keychain Clasps

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Metal Swivel Clasps

Black Keychain Clasps


I’ve been searching for some black keychain clasps recently but haven’t had a lot of luck! I wanted to buy them in bulk as the black ones tend to be quite a bit more pricey than the silver colored.

I finally found these on Amazon.  They are still a bit more expensive than the silver ones, but I found the price of $9.99 for 20 to be reasonable.

These are a little smaller than the silver ones. I really like how the size looks as it fits my keychain straps perfectly.  The only issue is that it can be hard to put on once the snaps are in place. The bulk of the snap can be hard to get through the little loop if it’s not snapped very tightly, or if you have thicker vinyl. Some keychains I had no issue with, but some just would not fit through the loop once the snap was installed. However, I found that if I add the loop and THEN add my final snap, it is not a problem at all. I’m very happy to have an additional choice for keychain hardware!



Black Keychain Clasps

Swivel Keychain Clasp Rings



Swivel Keychain Clasp Rings

Metal Swivel Clasps

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