Early Bird Christmas Ideas – Nativity Softies

Early Bird Christmas Ideas are for those who like to get a jumpstart on their holiday stitching!  I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite In The Hoop Designs (and including an occasional freebie as well).

You can purchase my

In The Hoop Embroidery Designs at


Supporting the Etsy shop allows me to continue to give away so many designs in this blog!

The Complete Nativity Softies set includes all of the Nativity Softies in both 4×4 AND 5×7 hoop sizes!  This set provides a safe, nonbreakable nativity scene alternative for little ones who want to recreate the Christmas story.  Nativity Softie sets have no applique and a minimal amount of stitching so you can create the entire set quickly!

The Nativity Softies Set includes: Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Manger, Shepherd, sheep, Angel, Wiseman 1, Wiseman 2, Wiseman 3, Stable front and Stable side


You can purchase the Nativity Softies Complete sets here:

Nativity Softies Hus format

Nativity Softies Jef format

Nativity Softies Pes format


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