Early Bird Christmas Ideas – You Decorate Felt Christmas Trees

Early Bird Christmas Ideas are for those who like to get a jumpstart on their holiday stitching!  I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite In The Hoop Designs (and including an occasional freebie as well).


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I love, love, love the Christmas Tree flannelboard sets!

These fun sets are made from inexpensive felt and are perfect for classrooms as well as young children at home.

Each flannelboard piece is made from ONE color of felt and is extremely quick and easy to stitch out! They have very lightweight stitching for quick stitch outs! Simply stitch each one out and cut around it for lots of flannelboard fun! Most pieces take only 1-3 minutes actual stitching time! Several are made 2 or more at one time in the 5×7 hoop! An entire set can be stitched out very quickly!

You can make an inexpensive flannelboard by simply covering an old bulletin board or thick piece of cardboard with felt!

The Christmas Tree Flannel board set was designed for everyone who has a little one who likes to “redecorate” the tree!

This safe, felt tree has large felt ornaments, candy canes, gifts and a star that can be rearranged to your little one’s heart’s content!

Each quick to stitch piece is made from felt and designed for use with flannel boards.

To create your own flannelboard tree, simply cover a large triangle from green felt and attach to the wall with three flat thumbtacks.

The felt flannelboard pieces will then “stick” to the tree felt board!


There are two different Christmas Tree flannelboard sets available for purchase.

They are available for purchase in my etsy shop:

Flannelboard Christmas Tree Set One

Flannelboard Christmas Tree Set Two

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