Lovie Pillows In The Hoop


Lovie Pillows are miniature sensory pillows  the perfect size for a diaper bag or backpack.  There are a lot of sensory features in these Lovies!

Each Lovie Pillow is designed for the 5×7 hoop and made completely in one hooping with just one small straight seam to be sewn shut by hand upon completion.

One side of the Lovie Pillow is stitched from a soft minkie or flannel fabric and appliqued.  The opposite side is made from a silky or satin type fabric.  A layer of fleece gives the Lovie Pillow more body and quilted details. You can even add a sheet of crinkly paper inside if you wish.

Includes Lovie Bunny, Bear and Kitty Pillows.

Download the Free Lovie Pillows for the 5×7 hoop

Includes pes, jef and hus formats:

Please download BOTH files. One is the embroidery file and the other is the instruction sheet. You will need BOTH.



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