Ice Cream Cones In The Hoop


To purchase additional cone designs, please visit my Etsy shop:



In The Hoop Ice Cream Birthday cones were designed in three hoop sizes: 6×10, 5×7 and 4×4!

Each Ice Cream Birthday cone is made in one hooping from inexpensive cotton prints.

They require one line of stitching to be sewn by hand upon completion.

Ice Cream Birthday cones have a ribbon hanger which enables them to be hung from a doorknob, or back of a chair!

They can be filled with candies or fun little gifts for birthday favors.


The Ice Cream Birthday Cone Set includes:
Ice Cream Birthday Cone for the 6×10 hoop

Ice Cream Birthday Cone for the 5×7 hoop

Ice Cream Birthday Cone for the 4×4 hoop

Download the Free Ice Cream Cones Set here.

Please download BOTH files.

One is the instruction sheet and the other is the embroidery machine design files.

You will need BOTH.



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