Scrapbuster – Applique Gum Sleeve/Pocket for the 4×4 hoop

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For In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Designs

scrapbusters, please visit my Etsy shop:

Metal Swivel Clasps


When i first found the custom knit fabric world on Facebook a couple of years ago, I have to admit I was shocked at the fabric prices. As they are custom small runs, they generally cost $15-22 a yard even when preordered.  Retail prices can run $25-28 a yard.

This is not too bad when sewing baby items, as I can generally make several pieces or even complete outfits from one yard.  When sewing for Sarah, though, who wears an adult small, I’ve had to learn to make every inch of fabric count!

I’ve found that by using less expensive coordinate knits (non custom stripes, stars, solids, dots, etc.) I’m able to use less of the more costly fabrics and get a bigger bang for my buck!

Black Keychain Clasps


I’ve also learned to save my scraps and over the past two years I have come up with many scrapbuster In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Designs to utilize even tiny scraps!

Small scraps of custom knit fabrics can be added to vinyl, fleece or cotton to add a really unique look to your project!

My newest scrapbuster project is the In The Hoop Applique Gum Sleeve. This is made in one quick 4×4 hooping!

Each one is made from one layer of vinyl with a felt backing.

Each is made in one hooping with no additional handstitching or adhesive required!

They are very quick to stitch and are great for scrapbusting!

Gum Sleeves make quick and inexpensive “thinking of you” gifts or stocking stuffers!
They are NOT just for gum! They will also hold matchbox cars, 7 crayons, office supplies, candy, a variety of treats!

I used Dentyne Pure and Eclipse gum for my Gum Sleeves. Simply remove the strip of gum from the cardboard sleeve and insert it into your embroidered gum sleeve!

Swivel Keychain Clasp Rings


The Applique Gum Sleeve/Pocket can be purchased in my Etsy Shop:

Gum Sleeve/Pocket for the 4×4 hoop

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