Polar Bear Keychain

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The Polar Bear keychain was designed for the 5×7 hoop.  It has snaps at both ends allowing it to have double hardware, an oring for water bottles, etc.

Attach an Oring at the bottom of your water bottle clip/keychain, and it will hold a standard size water bottle!
The Oring is stretchy and will fit over snugly over the mouth of your water bottle and stay on to identify your water bottle!
Simple pull it off when finished! Water Bottle Clips can be clipped to a bag or backpack, a beltloop, or a dugout fence!
Always keep your water bottle close and stay hydrated!

(size #18 Oring (found at the local hardware store in a pack of 10 in the plumbing section)

Download the FREE Polar Bear Keychain for the 5×7 hoop



Swivel Keychain Clasp Rings

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