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I recently wrote a post about using variegated thread with the Coverstitch machine and promised a follow up review of the model of Coverstitch I own.

Janome 900CPX Coverstitch Machine

I discovered the world of knit fabric about two and a half years ago. I fell in love instantly!  Really, all you need for sewing knits is a sewing machine with a stretch stitch, but I was very fortunate to also own an old hand me down Bernina Serger that the Mother of the Maker had given me when she upgraded. I also have a Brother 1634D serger (sister model of the Brother 1034D and a very old second hand Singer UltraLock as well as my embroidery machines.

It was not, before I wanted a Coverstitch machine as well, but it was hard to justify the price tag as I only sew for Kai, occasionally Sarah, and once in a blue moon, myself!  Enter the Mother of the Maker who said she wanted to buy me a Coverstitch as a gift!  She didn’t know much about them so asked me first which one she should order.  I had done quite a bit of research into them and decided an entry level 2 needle would do everything I needed. While there are a couple of less expensive brands, I decided to go with the Janome 900CPX. Overall the reviews I read for very good and it was still competitively priced with the other entry level brands. Some of the less expensive ones have a reputation for being hard to work with, skipping stitches, not liking bulky seams, etc. but the Janome 900CPX users seemed to be mostly happy with their machines.

While I was waiting the entire TWO DAYS for the new machine to arrive, I watched a ton of youtube videos so I knew exactly how to use the machine, how to finish off, etc.  This was very helpful and I was able to jump right in when it arrived.  I also learned that it was recommended to purchase a clear presser foot that did not come with the machine, which I did.

clear presser foot

I’ve had my coverstitch for almost two years now!  I have been extremely happy with it! I found it had a very slight learning curve and that I was able to use it pretty much out of the box. I recently tried reverse coverstitching (where the bottom stitching shows as a decorative stitch) with variegated thread and loved the results!  If find it super easy to thread (much easier than a serger, which I don’t find difficult).  I’ve used it with serger thread, embroidery thread and novelty threads all with great success!  I highly recommend this model!

Janome 900CPX Coverstitch Machine


clear presser foot


  1. Hi Karen! Just purchased the clear foot using your affiliate link. Just got the same machine last week and starting to play. Wish me luck!

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