Tools of the Trade – Sew In Clothing Size Labels

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Infant clothing size labels

When I first began sewing for Baby Kai, before he was even conceived, it occurred to me rather quickly that we were going to have a problem distinguishing between the sizes!  I considered a couple of different methods for labeling the clothing.  One thought was to include a little loop of colored ribbon for each size in the seam allowance like a tag.  Red for newborn, blue for 0-3 months, green for 3-6 months etc.  While this would have worked, I didn’t want it to be confusing for other recipients when the clothes were eventually passed down when our family is finished with them.

I also considered using heat press vinyl to cut and apply the sizes inside the clothing. However, the Son of the Maker does all of the heat press vinyl cutting/application for me, and I thought it was a bit much to ask him to label all of the clothes as well! This would work, though, if you have a cutting machine/heat press.

Son of the Maker and Mother of the Maker both use Silver Bullet cutting machines and Silhouette Cameos.

Silhouette Cutting Machine

 I finally decided I needed to go ahead and order sizing labels. These are not expensive and would be easy to sew into the clothing that was already finished as well.  They are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be ordered by the single size or in variety packs. I chose the variety pack as I was making clothing all the way to 12 months size at the time and the variety would last me a long time!

Infant clothing size labels

I’ve been very pleased with the labels! I rarely remember to attach them when sewing my garments, but they’re super easy to just lay on top of a seam and zigzag or straight stitch in place. They’ve held up well in the washer, also.

Other Tools of the Trade I use:

Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors


Kai 5210 8-inch Dressmaking Shears (N5210)

  Snap Variety Pack (no pliers)

 Starter Pack with 500 snaps

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