Ladybug Mug Mat

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   Insul Bright


I love making mug mats/spice mats/hot pads in the hoop and have many designs in my Etsy shop for the 4×4, 5×7 and 6×10 hoop.  Hot Pads can be made in one simple hooping. I use cotton fabric on the outside of my potholders but the trick is the layer of Insul Bright inside!  By using a layer of Insul Bright and a layer of cotton batting you have a very heat resistant hot pad that reflects the heat away from your table/counter and helps keep your dish warm!  It can even be used in lunch bags, casserole carriers, etc. Just remember, it is not microwave safe!

You can also fill your spice mats with a small amount of herbs or essential oils if desired!

The Spice Mat/Hot Pad sets can also be made into potholders simply by adding Insul Bright and a ribbon loop! Just fold over a piece of ribbon to form a loop and center it over the top edge of your potholder (cut ends extending 1/2″ above potholder design and loop extending down into the potholder before adding your final piece of fabric and stitching the final color stop.  (I tape the loop in place before stitching). Insul Bright can also be used to help keep your dishes warm when resting on the spice mats.





Insul Bright helps keep your hot things hot and your cold things cold. It is sold in stores like JoAnn fabrics, but if you don’t have a local fabric store, you can also order it from Amazon. It’s quite inexpensive and a yard goes a long way.



   Insul Bright


Download the FREE Ladybug mug mat for the 4×4 hoop  here:

Be sure to download both files. One is the designs and the other the instructions. You will need both.

Includes pes, jef, and hus formats



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