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I am very fortunate to have a sewing studio in our home, but it is not very large! It used to be twice the size until Son of the Maker needed a space and I split mine in half so he could use one side! Ikea shelves and tables have really helped use every inch of space, but I’ve had to make allowances and give up certain niceties!

One of the first things to go was the ironing board!  An ironing board just did not make much sense for my space. First of all, it takes up a lot of room! Secondly, we often have kids over (not to mention our dogs) and ironing boards just make me nervous around little ones!  And finally, I never iron except when sewing!

   June Tailor Large Cut’n Press Board

However, I did need a way to iron while sewing as I like to iron all of my seams along the way for a nicer finished result.

I found the perfect ironing board substitute – the Cut’n Press by June Tailor.  This awesome little tool has a pressing mat on one side and a cutting mat on the other! It is great for small places, travel, workshops, etc. and it can just slide behind a shelf or table when not in use!

 June Tailor Small Cut’N Press

It comes in two size:  12×18 and 10×10.  I have the larger board and find it to be large enough for all of the children’s sewing I do. I do have to reposition things sometimes when making larger garments.

I do have a regular ironing board tucked away in a closet, but it usually only makes an appearance a couple of times a year!

Other tools of the trade I find helpful:

Sewing Clips with Tin

Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors


Kai 5210 8-inch Dressmaking Shears (N5210)

  Snap Variety Pack (no pliers)

 Starter Pack with 500 snaps

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