Climb on the Magic School Bus

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When my kiddos were young, I think we had all of the Magic Schoolbus tapes and books… remember the giant VHS tapes?  We had an entire row of those on our shelf! My kids absolutely loved them and as homeschoolers, many a science unit at our house had it’s beginning in a Magic Schoolbus video or book!  It was screen time that I could feel pretty good about!


Even as adults, we all still love the Magic School Bus! So when this awesome fandom art Schoolbus fabric arrived from Snowy Owl Custom Fabric at my house, you can imagine the long list of claims on it!  In the end, Baby Kai and his mommy won!

Magic School Bus Complete Set

I received several pieces of matching/coordinating fabric in my package!  The blanket topper is a full 2 yards and made from incredibly soft minky!  It has lyrics from the Magic School Bus as well as some of the characters. The back piece for the blanket is another 2 yard piece of minky.  This time it’s a scatter print of the bus and the characters with a blue galaxy look background.  The colors are super vivid and I could not wait to sew up my blanket!


You might think sewing a blanket this yard would be difficult, but it is surprisingly easy – especially when you are using minky for both sides. Because it’s not stretchy like Cotton/Lycra, it is very easy to sew two pieces together! I begin by trimming the blanket topper, cutting off the salvages.  I then do the same to the backing piece.  Next, I layer the topper onto the backing piece right sides together, and I trim them up so they’re exactly the same size. I then clip, clip, clip, clip with almost an entire pack of these sewing clips. 


Next I serge along all four sides leaving about a 10″ opening on one side to turn my blanket right side out. You do not need a serger to make a blanket, though. You could absolutely just sew your two pieces together instead of serging.  After sewing all four sides and turning right side out, I then topstitch all around the blanket, being careful to catch the opening seams together in the topstitching so the opening is sewn closed upon completion.

Sewing Clips with Tin


Baby Kai’s romper is my much loved Harem Coverall from Brindille & Twig. It’s a little roomy on him, but I purposely did that for a couple of reasons. The first, is that this was an adult sized panel so it had a nice big graphic and I didn’t want to lose any of it! By sizing up one size to the 9-12 months size, I was able to fit the entire graphic on the front except for a tiny sliver of the bus on either side. I love how the graphic fills the front of the romper!


The second reason for sizing up one size is Baby Kai has quite a lot of summer clothes now so it’s time to begin also thinking about Fall and Winter clothing!     I made it with long sleeves and pants in preparation for cooler weather! I used the adult sized panel for the front of the romper. I also had a fat half of matching Cotton Lycra coordinate that I cut the sleeves, back, cuffs and neckband from. This pattern is such an easy sew. I can sew one is less than 30 minutes once I have the pieces cut out!


After making the blanket and the romper, I still had a pretty decent scrap left from the fat half of cotton lycra. I thought it would make an excellent travel size pillow case.  It wasn’t large enough to wrap all around my travel pillow, but it was plenty large enough for just the front. I then added a Yellow and Black star cotton lycra from TKBPrints for the back and the band.  I didn’t use a pattern for this as it’s just three rectangles, front, back, band.  I sewed the front and back together on three sides and then serged the short ends of the band piece, folded it in half, and serged it to the pillowcase opening.  I sewed the entire pillowcase on the serger and then finished it with a decorative stitch next to the band. I love how the yellow and black stars really bring out the yellow in the print!


The Magic School Bus fandom art fabric round is now on preorder at Snowy Owl Custom Fabric!  Available in Minky, Cotton Lycra, Woven, Canvas and Brushed Poly! Perfect for any project!

Visit their website to preorder this round here: Snowy Owl Custom Fabric

You can also visit their facebook group: here: Snowy Owl Customs Facebook Group


Hannah was the winner of this little bit of nostalgia from her childhood, but I’m sure there will be more minky blankets to be sewn!


Magic School Bus Solar System     Magic School Bus Human Body




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