A new look… Before and After



Sewing Studio – Before

I’ve had the Sewing Studio arranged in a U shape for some time now. While I liked the idea of the shape of the U, the actual set up was not working well for me! The U itself was way too small and I was constantly knocking things off the shelves on the one side. I also could not access my fabric shelves as that little alleyway was a catch all for boxes, bins and the such! Also, the cutting table just took a large amount of room and was generally covered in so much “stuff” that there was not really any room for cutting!


Sewing Studio – After

With the help of the Son of the Maker and Sarah, I was able to rearrange and reorganize a bit! I kept the main U shape, but moved it back to the wall and faced the U opening toward the fabric shelves rather than opposite, giving me a little more room to reach the shelves without climbing over boxes (literally!).  I also brought in another cubbie shelf that was not needed from a different room.


I think I’m really going to like the new set up!  I can access all of the shelves and have plenty of room with the cubbies for storage. I have wanted to place the long table and short table under the big window for a long time, but they were about 1″ too long to fit! Son of the Maker solved this for me by elevating the small table on little bricks, raising it just enough that the ends overlaps the end of the large table and both now fit! I’m also able to access all of the machines I use on a regular basis.


All of my shelves and tables and cubbies were purchased at Ikea a few years back. The shelves are the Billy Shelves.  They’ve held up really well and I’ve found having everything in one color really brings the room together, even if it’s not exactly matchy-matchy.


Next I need to tackle reorganizing my fabric shelves!  And one day, I am GOING to make curtains!


  1. SWEET! I need a bigger room. Hubby made me sewing cabinets years ago. My problem is room is too small! But at least I have a room.

  2. Looks wonderful. Hope it’s better for you. I have a huge room but due to how it’s set up I have to be creative in organizing. Two walls are floor to ceiling windows. The other two walls have double wide doorways and an arch. I love the sunlight but basically have little wall space.

    1. Lori, I had found that it usually became a catch all and I wasn’t using it for cutting anyway. I do almost all of my cutting around the corner on the dining room table (which is also larger). I do have my cutting table in there, also, and can roll it into the sewing studio if I’d like. So far I haven’t. 🙂

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