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We are huge Star Wars fans here and so I was very excited about the Vintage Fandom round currently on preorder from Moon Beam Textile Company!  Each print has a bright lightsaber in one of three colors layered over a muted character (Darth, Luke or Yoda).  It’s available in both Cotton/Lycra and Woven and I was fortunate enough to sew both! They also included a piece of soft thick grey solid cotton/lycra which was so awesome to sew with!


Little Kai is struggling with a bout of eczema on his cheeks right now, but he was still all smiles modeling his Vintage Fandom clothes!

For the first outfit, using the woven Luke Lightsaber fabric, I chose the Pitter romper pattern by Puperita.  The Pitter romper by Puperita is now one of my favorite summer patterns for Kai!  So nice and cool, yet it looks so neat and cute on him!  This is a quick and easy sew and best of all, it uses wovens!  I modified this pattern slightly this time to exclude the side snaps. I just needed to adjust the width of the bottom to still fit the bottom of the romper. It was still easy to slip on and off of him.


I used black and blue striped cotton/lycra from TKBPrints for the leg bands.

Kam Snaps Set

  I used #20 Kam Snaps for the sides and thought they were the perfect size!



For my second piece of fabric, the Darth lightsabers, I chose an oldie but goodie pattern that I used to sew for my son when he was just a toddler – the jon jon pattern from this book, “Applique Martha’s Favorites“.   The book includes both a Jon Jon pattern and a jumper pattern as well as some simple appliques. I made so many Jon Jons and jumpers using this book for my kiddos.


I don’t believe this book is in print any longer, however, it is available second hand from Amazon.  Son of the Maker added the Heat press vinyl on the pant leg.
Applique Martha’s Favorites


For my final two pieces of fabric, the Yoda lightsabers cotton/lycra and the grey solid cotton/lycra, I decided to go with a fall/winter set to stretch the fandom out a little bit longer! I love, love, love the solid grey lycra. It is a nice heavy weight, perfect for warm fall and winter clothing! It was the perfect accompaniment to the Yoda lightsabers!  Yoda lightsabers had to be my favorite of the three lightsabers fabrics. We just really love Yoda.


For this two pieces fall/winter set, I used the Ringer Tee pattern by Brindille & Twig, and the Snazzy Pants pattern by Max & Meena. These are definitely two of my favorites! I sized up to fit this fall/winter when the weather turns cooler, so they’re a little big.


Preorder the   round from Moon Beam Textile Company.

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The Vintage Fandom round runs from Aug. 1st to Aug. 21 at Moon Beam Textile Company.

Butterfly, Heart, Star, Flower Snaps



  Snap Variety Pack (no pliers)

   Starter Pack with 500 snaps


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the sources! Chewbacca is my favorite-but Yoda would be second! My husband is a huge Darth fan!

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