A Mickey and Friends Christmas!


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I have pretty much finished with the fall/Halloween sewing at my house and moved on to Christmas!


We are big Disney fans in our house and I was so excited to have the chance to sew one of these large Mickey blanket topper panels from Poppy Kettle Textiles!


I LOVE sewing blanket panels!  This one was particularly large at 58/60″ wide and about 2 yards long! It pretty much covered the top of my full sized bed!


Blanket toppers are so easy to sew!  The one I sewed up was a soft cotton lycra. I love sewing cotton lycra on one side of my blankets as it’s so soft on the skin and nice when the weather is not freezing to have a less fluffy side!  On the opposite side I usually use a soft minky. In this case, I used a deep purple minky dot for the backing. Sewing a blanket is super easy. I just place the two pieces right side together, trim to make sure they are even and then clip, clip, clip, clip using these sewing clips. Next I simply serge the two pieces together, leaving an opening for turning.  Turn right side out and topstitch, closing the seam opening at the same time! That’s it! So simple!


This awesome Mickey and Friends blanket topper is currently on preorder from Poppy Kettle Textiles. But if cotton lycra is not your thing, it’s also being offered in woven and squish fluff (double sided minky!).  You can also preorder coordinating fabric and panels for clothing and accessories!

 Preorder the Mickey large blanket topper from Poppy Kettle Textiles.

Visit Poppy Kettle Textile’s facebook group.



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