“Speak politely to an enraged dragon.”― J.R.R. Tolkien


As might be noticeable on this blog… I have a love of dinosaur and dragon outfits for little boys (and girls!).  There’s something magical about a row of spikes or pair of wings on a romper or hoodie.  A little bit of make believe added to every day clothes.


I’m always excited to sew up a new dragon or dinosaur fabric.  These brilliant dragon scales from Shear Madness Fabrics are no exception!  What is the difference between regular scales and dragon scales you might ask? It’s all about the shape! Dragon scales have these awesome rounded points.


Shear Madness Fabrics has done an awesome job with these dragon scales, adding shading to give them a 3D look. They’re available in multiple shades (my favorite is traditional Dragon Green) as well as multiple fabric bases! The other awesome thing about Shear Madness Fabrics is they allow you to preorder Fat Halves, making it a little easier to fit some dragon scales magic into your budget!


I made Kai’s dragon romper from the Dragon Green French Terry Scales.  I haven’t often purchased french terry in the past, but I find myself gravitating to it more and more!  The weight is a bit heavier than cotton/lycra making it the perfect go to for fall and winter clothing.  And yet it still has that awesome stretch needed for so many patterns.


Max & Meena’s All the Rage romper pattern was perfect for this dragon romper. I also used the dragon scales and the bat wings from the Max & Meena Mega Max Raglan (ears, wings, tails and more) pattern.  I simply added a 3/8″ seam allowance to the back pattern piece and did not cut on the fold so I could insert the spikes along the length of the back.


I made my spikes from polar fleece and the wings from knit on one side and polar fleece on the other.  The polar fleece was a bit of a challenge for the wings as it wanted to stretch, but in the end it worked out okay. Next time I think I’d either interface the wings to prevent the stretch.

Next up… I have BLACK dragon scales in cotton/lycra as well!  More dragon skins on the way!

Want to make a baby dragon suit of your own?  Check out Shear Madness Fabrics‘ current preorder!  And be sure to join their facebook group as well – ending October 15th!


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