Little Baby Beaker

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I can remember watching many an episode of The Muppet Show growing up and Beaker was my favorite Muppet of all. I was so excited to receive this flash from the past Muppets fabric currently on preorder from Moon Beam Textile Company!


Heat’n Bond Lite 2 Pack

For Kai’s Beaker romper, I went with my old favorite, the Harem Coverall, by Brindille & Twig!  Now this was a little tricky as the panel I had to work with was adult sized and the graphic was sized to take up a lot of the panel!  I did not want to lose the Awesome “Meep!” at the top of the panel, OR any part of Beaker himself.


It took a bit of thinking, but finally, I cut the very top part of the panel and sewed it at the bottom (to make it long enough for the legs without cutting off part of Beaker’s head!)  Next, I cut out the Meep! letters. Before cutting them I iron Heat N Bond Lite to the back (leaving the paper on afterward) so they were easier to cut out. I then removed the paper backing, ironed them to the romper back and stitched around each letter. This took a good bit of time, but was not difficult and so worth it in the end!


Heat N Bond Lite

The hat is my favorite part of this little outfit!  It is another of my favorite patterns – the Melon Cap by Max & Meena. I love this hat pattern so much! I used the Muppet print as well as Moon Beam Textile Company‘s awesome orange solid cotton lycra.  I then sewed a very small loop of foldover elastic to the very top of the hat so I could slip this orange marabou hair clippie from Hobby Lobby on top. It reminds me so much of Beaker’s crazy hair!


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