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 We are a family of dog lovers so we all love, love, love this Pug Life fabric from Flying Pig Fabrics! My favorite thing about Flying Pig Fabrics is their rapports! I received one yard of fabric which included two child sized Pug Life panels AND plenty of the pug coordinate, also.


First I made the oh so cute Teenie Beanie free hat pattern by Patterns For Pirates. I just love the knotted version.


I used another Patterns For Pirates free pattern – the Petite Pegs – for the pants.  These are incredible quick and easy to stitch up.

Kam Snaps Set


The matching raglan worked really well with the child sized Pug Life panel. I used the coordinate for the sleeves and back of the top. Max & Meena’s Mega Max Raglan pattern is one of my favorites!

Kam Snaps Set

Be sure to check out the RAINBOW ROUND at Flying Pig Fabrics! All of these fabrics are so bright and vivid!

Visit Flying Pig Fabrics’ facebook group.FAVPugLife2.JPG

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