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I grew up with Dr. Seuss books so it was only natural that they played a big part in my children’s reading library as well. Now that Baby Kai has come along, we are rediscovering these classics!


Shear Madness Fabrics currently has an entire round of fabrics on preorder inspired by Dr. Seuss!  Our favorite is the Lorax, defender of the trees, but you’ll find the Grinch and The Cat in the Hat and friends as well!


For our favorite Seuss character from this round, the Lorax, I made a very simple romper using the Harem Coverall pattern from Brindille & Twig. I wanted to keep it simple as I had this bright orange fleece and yellow shaggy fur that I knew were going to make such a fun hat that was plenty busy all in itself!

For the hat, I started with the free Teenie Beanie pattern by Patterns for Pirates and modified it to add earflaps on the band. I then appliqued eyes from fleece and marine vinyl scraps. I finished it all off with a fleece stuffed nose and a furry mustache, both of which I handstitched in place.


Next, was the Grinch set.  We haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have seen trailers and knew that the Grinch sported a red and white scarf in this remake. Luckily for me, I just happened to have a piece of red and white striped bamboo from TKBprints in my fabric stash. Two long pieces sewn together, with fleece inserts for the fringe made the perfect scarf!


Marabou Puffs

I made the romper using another favorite pattern, the All The Rage Romper by Max & Meena.  Raglan style rompers are so incredibly quick to sew!  This fabric came in one large piece of solid green with the Grinch face in the upper corner. I cut my front from the area with the Grinch face and was able to use the scraps for the rest of the romper and to line the shoes as well.

The hat was another modified Teenie Beanie same as the Lorax hat, but this time instead of appliqueing facial features, I added a marabou puff to the top to mimic the Grinch’s furry tufts!

The shoes, though, are my favorite part of all!  I used the Petit Boo baby shoe pattern and sewed them from fleece with an interfaced knit lining made from the romper scraps.  I then cut 15″ stripes of fleece,  inches wide and cut 1/2″ slits all the way down each side (leaving approximately 1/2 in the middle uncut). I gathered each strip and tide around the middle with a 1/4″ piece of fleece to create the pom poms.


The last little outfit I made was the Cat In The Hat set. I already had a red and white striped hat purchased from our local party store so this one was a piece of cake!  I sewed the top using the Mega Max Raglan pattern and the bottoms using the Max Joggers pattern, both by Max & Meena.

And the shoes were again made using the Baby Shoe pattern by Petit Boo. They were made from red and white stripe cotton lycra knit from TKBprints and lined with red fleece for warmth.

 And there you have it… three new outfits just ready for Seuss week in March!

Be sure to check out these fun prints on preorder at Shear Madness Fabrics!  They will arrive in plenty of time for Seuss week!

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