Hipster Rainbow Deer

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I haven’t sewn much these past couple of weeks since Thanksgiving as we’ve been concentrating on getting ready for Christmas!  Now that the tree is up, the gifts are wrapped and the menu is planned, it’s time to get back to the sewing machine!  And my timing could not have been better as I received the best package in the mail with this Hipster Rainbow stripe and Hipster Deer from Selah Fabric Co.

I absolutely love that these Hipster Deer are great for Christmas and yet, they’re not really Christmasy so they can be worn all winter long! The rainbow stripe was the perfect accompaniment to the rainbow glasses and bowties!


Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors

I made the romper using one of my all time favorite patterns, the All The Rage Romper by Max & Meena.  Raglan style rompers are so incredibly quick to sew!  But I knew I also wanted to add a little bowtie to match the bowties on the deer! I just kind of winged my bowtie, but I did base it on the measurements of the free Bosco Bowtie by Sis Boom patterns. Instead of the neckband, however, I added a snap to the center band of the bowtie so it could snap on and off of the romper. We wanted it removable so it would not interfere with Kai’s car seat chest strap.


I found the most fun reindeer glasses photo prop at Walmart but Kai just would not leave them on. Maybe next year!  We had a little more luck with the antler headband from Michaels Craft store and we were able to get a couple of pictures by snapping REALLY quickly before he grabbed them off!  Kai’s definitely more of a hat person!


Be sure to check out the Rainbow Round currently on preorder at Selah Fabric Co. There are also rainbow UNICORNS!

Visit Selah Fabric Co.’s  facebook group.

Order from this round at Selah Fabric Co.


Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors


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  1. He is getting so big. I am having a blast watching him grow up. The clothes you are making him are adorable. Great job everyone.

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