Easter In The Hoop

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Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to get started on holiday stitching!


There are dozens of Easter In The Hoop Designs available at SewingForSarah.


In The Hoop Snap Trays are made in one quick and easy hooping! They can be made completely from vinyl or from one layer of vinyl and one layer of felt.  After completion, you simply add Kam Snaps (I like to use #20). They require no hand sewing or sewing by conventional sewing machine!  Snap Trays make a great small Easter basket alternative. After Easter they are handy for holding office supplies, candy, jewelry, loose change, etc. They are also great for travel as they are flat when not snapped.



Marabou Puffs

Marabou Puff Felties are oversized felties designed for the 4×4 hoop. Each one has a back “body” piece which the marabou puff is affixed to, and then additional pieces which are added on top of the marabou puff (i.e. feet). They can be stitched from either felt or vinyl.  You can use your favorite adhesive to assemble your marabou puff felties, but I just use hot glue. They can be attached to a hairbow, clippie or headband with your favorite adhesive or used as a package topper, ornament basket feltie, etc!


Animal Egg Softies are very quick and easy to make!
They are sized perfectly for stuffing Easter Eggs for a great candy alternative!
They are designed specifically for felt and are each made in just one quick 4×4 hooping!  They are also fun to stuff into egg cartons! Sarah had an egg carton stuffed full of animal egg softies when she was little.


Round Egg Cartons

You can also purchase some really cute novelty versions of egg cartons on Amazon to hold your Animal Egg Softies.


Handle Egg Cartons



And of course, no Easter basket would be complete without a stuffed bunny!  Our Applique bunny softies use your fabric fabric to match the bunny to the theme of your choice. Each bunny is made in one hooping with just one small seam sewn closed by hand after completion.  Hand sew bows or buttons to your bunnies (not for young children) to add an extra special touch!



NOTE:  SewingForSarah Freebies may not be “Shared” or sold. They must be downloaded from my page while available. Please be sure to download the instructions as well.


The animal egg softie carrier was designed for the 5×7 hoop and holds six animal egg softies (Animal Egg Softies are not included).

Download the Animal Egg Carrier and Instructions below. PLEASE DOWNLOAD BOTH FILES. You will need BOTH and they are not available once they’ve been removed.



Visit Sewing For Sarah’s Etsy Shop to purchase Animal Egg Softies and other Easter In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Designs!

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