High Five Hoodie

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The Family of Makers love, love, love their hoodies! I have made many pullover hoodies over the past few years for both Sarah and Kai, but had yet to make a zip up hoodie! I finally decided to jump in and made not one, but two zip up hoodies for Kai!

I used the High Five Hoodie pattern from Peek-A-Boo Patterns.  I liked that it has a large size range (3mo-12) and that it also included both lined and unlined options.

Set of 6 Separating Zippers

I really enjoyed this pattern!  I found it quite easy to follow and the the separating zipper was not as intimidating as I first thought it to be, once I dove in.


The first hoodie I made from Alien Pizza fabric from Total Eclipse of the Stitch.  I found the separating zipper from JoAnn fabrics. It wasn’t the exact size I needed, however the pattern does give instructions for shortening which were easy to follow.  I lined the hood but did not line the body of the hoodie. I made a few little mistakes a long the way, but all in all it was not a real difficult sew.


The second hoodie was made from splatter Mickey fabric from Mini Me’s By TNT. The second one was definitely an easier sew as I knew what I was doing!  This one is also unlined.

My local fabric stores have  a very limited variety of separating zippers so I went in search of some more exciting colors and found a great set on Amazon.  I loved that these are 30 inches long so they will be suitable for many sizes. I just cut them down for Kai’s small hoodie following the pattern instructions.  The set includes six zippers – one each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple – and the colors are nice and bright and vivid. I see a lot more zip up hoodies in Kai’s future! Now to find a pattern for Sarah…

Set of 6 Separating Zippers

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