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It seems like the last couple of years I have sewn very little except samples for the business, I have decided to remedy that and try to put a little time aside for personal sewing again! The first request for non work related sewing came rather quickly! The Little Maker desperately wanted to be Yoshi for Halloween. But not just Yoshi… PURPLE YOSHI! Needless to say, there are no Purple Yoshi costumes for sell, only Green Yoshi. So Nana put on her thinking cap, purchased a basic dinosaur style pattern, and winged it! It’s definitely not perfect, but the grandson loved it so that is perfect enough!

All in all, I’m satisfied with the finished look, flaws and all. I began with the basic Simplicity 1765 pattern and amazingly did not have to do any heavy modifications. It does zip all the way up but as these were just quick phone photos while he tried it on for fit and he was getting over a virus, I did not want to overheat him. He should be toasty warm whatever weather October 31 brings to us!

I wish I had taken some pictures of the process but didn’t think about it until later. It was actually simpler than I thought it would be though. My only modifications were the front white tummy and cheek pieces that I just drew freehand and appliqued on with a simple straight stitch. I made a very rough nose “circle” by basically making a “t” shape of fabric and sewing darts. The eye piece is 2 layers of white fleece sewn in a chunky “m” shape with black ovals and white circles added for the pupils. I then hand stitched both to the hood.

The spikes on the back are just three double layers of fleece elongated semi circles sewn into the back seam. The shell on his back is made from a circle of red fleece with a couple of darts to make it stand up a bit. I then cut another circle/oval the same circumference of the sewn top layer, sewed them together and stuffed them. I made a tube of white fleece and attached around the edge of the red stuffed piece like one would do with binding. The whole thing is tacked onto the costume in several places. Finally I modified the tail to make it smaller. I really could have shortened it a tad bit more as Yosh’s tail is pretty short. But it’s sewn in there well and I’m not taking it out at this point! I’m sure we’ll have much better pictures come the big day!

Are you sewing for Halloween at your house? What’s on your sewing table?

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