Kitty Softie Teether In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop

Teether Ring Softies are very easy to make!

They are made with colorful fleece.
The teething ring ribbon loop is added in the hoop. After stitching on the embroidery machine, simply trim, turn right side out, loop the ribbon over your wooden or plastic teething ring, and sew the small opening closed by hand.

Teether Ring Softies are each made in just one quick hooping!

They are great for wooden teething shapes or rings or silicone teethers as well!

Finished Teether Ring Softies (not including extending ribbons are approximately 3″x6.5″ – the perfect size for little hands!

Please check your hoop size to make certain these will fit your hoop as hoop sizes may vary by manufacturer!

Kitty Teether Softie Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop
(pes, jef, vip, exp, hus and vp3 formats)

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To download the free Kitty Softie Teether for the 5×7 hoop, please click on the link below:

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