Old MacDonald Had A Farm Feltboard/Flannelboard In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Design Set for the 5×7 hoop

These fun sets are made from inexpensive felt and are perfect for classrooms as well as young children at home. Each flannelboard piece is made from ONE color of felt and is extremely quick and easy to stitch out! Simply stitch each one out and cut around it for lots of flannelboard fun! Most pieces take only 1-3 minutes actual stitching time! An entire set can be stitched out very quickly!

You can make an inexpensive flannelboard by simply covering an old bulletin board or thick piece of cardboard with felt!

The Old MacDonald’s Farm Flannel Board set includes the following designs:

Barn horse cow sheep pig duck chicken dog cat

Includes pes, jef, exp, vip and hus formats.
OldMacDonald Flannelboard Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop

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To download the free Old MacDonald In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop, please click on the link below:

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