Pumpkin Keychain In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop

Interchangeable Vinyl KeyChains are made for the 5×7 hoop.
Each one is made entirely in one hooping with no additional sewing required!
The hardware snaps on and off so you can use many different keychains with one set of hardware!
Each Keychain is made from upholstery vinyl for that faux leather look!
They can be backed with a second piece of vinyl or felt.
The keychains are finished with #20 regular plastic kamsnaps.

Keychain Bands are not just for keys!
Attach an Oring in lieu of the split ring and it will hold a standard size water bottle!
The Oring is stretchy and will fit over snugly over the mouth of your water bottle and stay on!
Simple pull it off when finished!
Clip your waterbottle to your belt loop, backpack, or tote!
(size #18 Oring (found at the local hardware store in a pack of 10 in the plumbing section)

Pumpkins 5×7 Keychain

Includes pes, jef, exp, vip, hus and vp3 formats

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To download the Pumpkins Keychain In The Hoop Embroidery Machine Design for the 5×7 hoop, please click the link below:

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