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DisneyCruiseKaiI sewed a new to me pattern this week – Snazzy Pants by Max & meena. I really loved this pattern for two reasons! First of all, the cool stripe along the side of each leg is really different from all of my other patterns and I was ready for a new look!  Secondly, because each leg is made from three pieces, you can literally make these pieces from scraps by color blocking or by using odd shapes pieces of fabric. I’m often left with strips of fabric from previous projects that are not wide enough to use for much and this pattern is perfect for those! The 3-6 month size fit Kai perfectly so I’d say it’s size wise it’s right on target!

I’ve had this nautical themed print for a long time and I thought it was the perfect match to these great red and white stripes! I am finding so many uses for these stripes! I love that the red stripe is a little wider than the white stripe, too!


Snazzy Pants pattern by Max & Meena:


Mega Max Raglan Hoodie by Max & Meena:

MEGAMax Raglan (EARS, WINGS, TAILS & MORE!) PDF sewing pattern.

Disney print fabric by Hapa Fabric:

Red and white stripes by TKBprints:



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