Tools of the Trade – Gingher Embroidery Scissors

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Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors

Last month I shared a review for my intense love for Kai Scissors.  I use these scissors for ALMOST everything in my sewing studio! But there is one job I do not use my Kai’s for.  When using my embroidery machines and clipping jump stitches or sewing at my regular sewing machine and clipping thread ends, I prefer the Ginger Curved 4″ scissors.  I am partial to the slightly heavier weight of these small scissors. I find they give a nice clean clip when cutting jump stitches, and the curve of the blades helps me to get right next to the fabric. I get a cleaner cut with these than any of my other small embroidery scissors. They’re also small enough to take with me for handwork such as hand embroidery or crochet projects when traveling.


They’re actually priced a little higher than the Kai sewing scissors, however, I have been using mine since I purchased them in 2010 and have never even had them sharpened! They work as well as the day I purchased them!

I have gifted these scissors to both my mother and son and they are Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors converts as well!

I purchase mine through Etsy as I don’t have a local fabric store in my small town, however, I do believe JoAnns also carried them last time I looked. Be sure to take a coupon if purchasing there!


When not in use, I like to store my scissors in faux leather SewingForSarah Scissor Sleeves that I make in the hoop on the embroidery machine. This protects the blades from becoming nicked (and protects my toes as well!) if they are accidentally knocked off the sewing table.  It also makes them much easier to find in a messy sewing studio when they are in a colorful sewing sleeve!  Scissor sleeves are also a nice way to present scissors when gifting.  I find the small scissor sleeve to be the perfect fit for my Ginger Curved 4″ scissors, while the large scissor sleeve fits my Kai 5210’s.


I purchase the faux leather/vinyl from MikriWorld.  I particularly love their mirror glitter canvas for sparkly scissor sleeves!

To purchase SewingForSarah In The Hoop Scissor Sleeves and Measuring Tape Sleeves, please visit my Etsy shop at


Ginger Curved 4″ Scissors


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