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Variegated Thread Pack


I have been seeing a lot of projects on Facebook using variegated thread for the looper in Coverstitch machines lately and have really been wanting to give it a try!  I could not find variegated thread locally and needed to order it online.  Being an impatient person, I looked on Amazon so I could get it with quick Prime shipping.  I looked at several different listings before deciding on this set of 12 spools. I liked that there were many color variations so I could try several without investing a lot in case I didn’t care for it. This pack was $14.99 for 12 different spools of varying colors so the price was definitely right!


Once it arrived, I chose the most typical rainbow color for my first project. It was a great match for these rainbow stripes from TKBPrints. I was very pleased with the weight and did not have any broken/shredded threads when using. For these threads, you put the variegated multi-colored thread in your looper (the one on the far right).  You can put any color in the first two threads as they will be inside your garment. I just used the white it was already threaded with, but would probably match my garment color next time to ensure it blended in if any showed. For the most part this wasn’t really a problem, though, and I just didn’t think about it for this project. I didn’t practice sewing with the variegated thread, I just jumped right into my project – so easy!


I found using the variegated thread in my project to be super easy! I had to pay attention to make sure I was sewing on the wrong side of the fabric (so the bottom coverstitch would show on the right side) but other than that, it was a piece of cake! It is a great way to add a little detailing to baby and children’s clothing and I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot more in the future. After all, I have 11 more colors to try!

This is the thread pack that I purchased.


Janome CoverPro 900CPX CoverStitch Machine

I have the Janome 900CPX coverstitch machine which is their lowest priced model at around $399. I have been very satisfied with it and have had zero issues.  When I first ordered it from Amazon, I watched a lot of youtube videos while waiting for it to arrive.  So I knew the basics when it came, and I was up and coverstitching within minutes! It is a million times easier to thread than a serger!  I love coverstitching and while I don’t always use it on baby items (sometimes I think baby things look better with a simple zigzag or single line of stitching), I have used it a lot for adult sized clothing for Sarah.  I will do a review on it soon as well.

For this little set I used the Mega Max Raglan pattern by Max & Meena for the top.  This is such a versatile pattern as it has long sleeves and short sleeve options, can be made hooded or with a regular neckband, and has many Ears/Wings/Tails options as well!  I find the pattern to be very true to size. I used a very lightweight grey solid I had on hand for the body so it would be cooler. I think the next one I make for summer, I will not line the hood to make it even more lightweight for our hot summer weather.

The shorts are the Foldover Pocket Pants (shorts length, no pockets) by Brindille & Twig. I fold the waistband pattern piece in half before cutting out as I prefer the nonfoldover waistband at this age. I can literally cut out and sew a pair of these shorts in less than 30 minutes total – including fussy cutting to line up stripes!

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