Pascha, Ducks and the Fair


Well, we went to the 4H Poultry clinic today, and Sarah found out one of her ducks has “terrible conformation” and the other one is “not that bad”. 😁 We knew that they probably were not going to be top of the line breeding ducks so it’s no big deal. πŸ™‚ And since it’s an uncommon breed, the one might still do pretty well, you never know! We’ll enter the other one (with terribly conformation) in the Barnyard Ducks category (basically duck mutts lol). Sarah is still excited to show them and it doesn’t matter what they look like for Showmanship which she usually does the best in (knowledge, skills in showing, etc.).

Basically she has always just wanted ducks and I told her she could have them for the summer. I think we have just about got it out of her system now! Ducks are so messy and so much work! But she has enjoyed having them and does agree that she can finally stop pining for them! LOL They’ll be egg laying age at Fair time and since they’re a rarer breed and duck eggs are so popular around here, I’m sure it will be really easy for her to find a nice farm for them. πŸ™‚


It’s hot, hot, hot here today, so we came home and put the ducks in their coop and made sure they had plenty of fresh water, and then we let Pascha play in the hose awhile. This is one of her favorite things to do!Β  She is one wet, tired pooch now!

Now it’s sewing time!

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