Fishie, fishie… Sewing with Wovens


I was recently invited to sew a piece of woven fabric for one of the small fabric groups. I have not sewn many wovens lately so I needed to find a pattern! I ended up sewing a pair of shortalls and just loved the result!  Which got me to glancing at my shelves of wovens… I decided I needed to find some more woven patterns and get to stitching!


For this little set I actually chose a pattern designed for knits – the Snazzy Pants by Max & Meena! I just kept picturing how cute it would be for wovens in my head and decided to give it a go. As it already was a snug fit with the knits (but I thought sizing up would be too large), I slightly modified the pattern, adding 3/8’s of an inch on the outside of the main front and back pattern pieces to give just a little extra room. This worked out great, although, next time, I think I’ll increase it to 1/2″ just for a touch more room. I left the waistband the same size and also made the sides from the same cotton/lycra as the waistband so the shorts would still have a little “give” to them. This worked out perfectly!


For the top, I modified the Harem Coverall pattern by Brindille & Twig.  I simply cut it to a shirt length using the same neck and arm bands. I upcycled a woman’s cami to make this shirt and used the original hem from the cami so I did not need to hem the final shirt.

Before sewing the shirt together, I appliqued the little fish on the front using just a regular sewing machine (no embroidery machine this time!).  I’ll write another post soon to share the applique process for those who have never given it a try and would like to add a little bit of embellishment to their projects.

The end result was a quick and easy to stitch summer outfit!  And I even used a teeny tiny bit of my wovens stash! Yay, me! I’ll be looking at more ways to sew up those wovens!


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